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On demand help
for your coding problems

Hire expert developers for ad hoc pair programming sessions, code reviews or architectural reviews.

How it works ?

Have you found yourself in the dreaded cycle of endless scrolling through StackOverflow, hoping for an answer to your programming problem? 
And you don't want to open a new thread yourself, because you don't want to play the asynchronous question-and-answer game, as you want to solve it now.


Our invite-only help community offers a fast and efficient way to get the answers you need from knowledgeable and experienced experts.

Just post your question in a channel that fits the topic. Just post your question in a channel that fits the topic. Wait for answers from people who say they can help you.


You can immediately jump into a call with them to solve your problem in a pairing session. After your pairing session, the expert will send you a link to a checkout where you can pay him. We charge in 20-minute intervals per $20. After the payment you have to give him a rating and then you will receive your invoice. Experts can negotiate a factor beforehand if they want to charge more. A factor x2 means 20$ * 2 per 20 minutes.

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Invite Only

We have decided to create an invitation-only community for the time being, in order to maintain the highest possible level of expertise on one hand, and to slowly expand our professional focus on the other. This means that we will only be accepting applications for the existing areas of expertise for the time being. At a later time, we may consider opening up the community to the public.

Need help

We are committed to maintaining a high level of knowledge and expertise in our community. Please note that at this time, we are only able to assist individuals seeking help within the designated topics:

- AWS S3

- AWS DynamoDB

- AWS Cloudformation

- Make / Integromat

- Serverless (JavaScript)

- PHP (Laravel)

You get access to the best

devs in the world

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